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Details of LUCIDE final conference:

LUCIDE Final Conference: The future of the multilingual city


10 & 11 September 2014
London, UK

Cities enable the collaboration that makes humanity shine most brightly

The cosmopolitan city has become a symbol of our age. For some it can seem disturbing, even threatening. For others it is exciting, culturally rich and endlessly inventive.

For the past two and a half years the LUCIDE network has been investigating the realities of these cities and their likely future development. Unusually we have done this with a focus on language and multilingualism - issues which are often invisible to other researchers in this field.

At this international conference we will share the outcomes of the project and look at the future of multilingualism. What is the impact of multilingualism in the city and what are the implications for education, the economy, civil society, urban planning? How are cities changing in response to unprecedented movements of the population? What is happening to language, to culture and to identities?

Key note speakers will include Joe Lo Bianco from the University of Melbourne, Richard Clement from the Official Languages and Bilingual Institute of Canada, Itesh Sachdev from SOAS, and Suzi Hall from the London School of Economics & Political Sciences.

Other features will be
- Presentations of the LUCIDE "toolkits" on key elements of urban multilingualism
- Discussion of City reports from across Europe
- Exchange with city representatives, practitioners, young citizens. Focussed debates on education, urban landscapes, public services, cultural interchange and identity.
- Examples of related projects from across Europe and beyond
- An exhibition on the sights and sounds of the multilingual city
- Debate on the future of the Cosmopolitan city and its place in the world.

Attendance is free, including lunches, refreshments & documentation but places will be limited, so early registration is recommended.

Download the official invitation PDF

If you have any questions about this event
please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Greetings from the LUCIDE Team!


LUCIDE Workshops

Workshop 5 Hamburg - 16 July 2013

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Workshop 4 Dublin - 17 June 2013

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LUCIDE Seminars

Seminar: Global Cities and Multilingualism
8 April 2014
Madrid, Spain

Including a keynote from Richard Clement, University of Ottawa, and a presentation of the LUCIDE project's case studies and project outcomes.

Download the agenda:
Agenda: 8 April (PDF, 570KB)


Seminar: The Multilingual City – challenges and solutions
12 September 2013
Varna, Bulgaria
Varna - Seminar Minutes (PDF)
Varna - LUCIDE Research Activities (PDF)
Watch the keynote speaker, Prof Joe Lo Bianco, present his talk "The Cosmopolis" (Video)


International Seminar: The Multilingual City in 2012
30 November 2012
Utrecht - Seminar Report (PDF)

LUCIDE International Conference

International Conference: The future of the Multilingual City
September 2014
London (LSE)


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