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Spotlight on Osijek

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Poster for the trilingual exhibition Susreti Encounters Begegnungen hosted by the Museum of Slavonia, 2012

The history of the City of Osijek is a history of multilingualism. It is best described in this short quote from the Wikipedia entry:

Due to its past and its history within the Habsburg Monarchy and briefly in the Ottoman Empire and also due to the presence of German and Hungarian minorities throughout its history, Osijek also has (or had) its names in other languages, notably Hungarian: Eszék, German: Esseg or Essegg, Latin: Mursa, Turkish: Ösek. Also spelled Esgek. All those names were adjusted variations to the original Croatian given name. In Roman times Osijek was called Mursa Maior, but its official Roman name was Colonia Aelia Mursa, as it was established by emperor Hadrian.

If you want to know more about Osijek minorities and languages presently spoken, have a look at this bilingual booklet (Croatian/English)

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